Tungsten Carbide [CAS No. 12070-09-9]; [Molecular Formula: WC or W2C]
Tungsten Carbide as a material is heavy and therefore, as sludge (waste particles), sinks easily in liquid and it would be ideal for use with Elementless Filstar. However, when used (as subsitute for diamond cutter) as tool on lathe (machine tools) to drill/grind.etc. other metals, the shaved particles become so fine and light that it may be difficult to collect.

For assurances whether Elementless Filstar can actually collect and thus be beneficial to your production line, we recommend you to send us samples of collected sludge. (Must include actual medium/fluid used and waste articles/solids extracted.) The sludge samples will be tested at our laboratory.

Kindly note that with every application (water, light oil, emulsion, etc.), Elementless Filstar's life span (endurance, efficiency, etc.) differs. However, as experience goes, we have a satisfied customer who has been using our product collecting Tungsten Carbide (emulsion as coolant) for 3 years without any inefficiency.

Elementless Filstar Process
Recycled coolant is continually pumped using an in-built or a separate (portable) pump to the workpiece from sumps, generally located under each machine. The Elementless Filstar is often used as pre-filter before the existing bag filter to collect most of the metal chips (sludge) thus achieving minimal disruption to production activities and reduction of waste.

Coolant Maintenance with ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR
Appropriate coolant maintenance programs help keep operations efficient and productive. The ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR used main filter or pre-filter can tremendously improve current maintenance efforts.

Maintenance with ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR for Machining Operations Coolants
Machining coolants are an important factor and an integral part of metal working operations. Coolants improve machinability, increase productivity and prolong tool life by cooling and lubricating the part and cutting tool. However, coolants can quickly become contaminated with foreign impurities such as metal chips, causing to quickly lose its effectiveness. Due to such reasons, many coolants are used only for a short time and then disposed.

The practice of disposing and replenishing coolants can be uneconomical and ecologically unfriendly. The use of ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR will minimize contamination, extend coolant life and reduce cost.

Removal and Prevention of Contaminant with ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR
Coolants used during machining are most frequently contaminated by metal scraps and chips. By removing contaminants, machine tool users can reduce costs by prolonging the effectiveness of coolants.

Aluminum Removal with ELEMENTLESS FILSTAR
Machining Centers with FILSTAR installed.

Although Elementless FILSTARs are being used for non-soluble metal working liquids, 80 to 90 percent of applications are for water soluble liquids.
Ex. 1. Used at the time of recycling used coolants with solids (metal scraps) on machining centers (machine tools). "Elementless Filstar" prevents solids from mixing with clean liquids (coolants). Extends bag filter life.
Ex. 2. Filtration of circulating liquids in dirty tanks (and/or clean tanks). Cleans the whole tank.
Ex. 3. Clean tank pump discharge: Prevention of clog inside center-through coolant spindle. Thus prolonging the use of existing filter.
Ex. 4. Dirty tank pump discharge: Prevention of clog inside coolant pump nozzle.
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Elementless Filstar - A hybrid of Centrifugal Separator and Liquid Cyclone Filter